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Invest in Green Energy! Take Care of the Environment and Your Finance at the Same Time!

We support our Partner (hereinafter referred to as the Company) in its search for investors in such a noble cause as Green Energy and Clean World, i.e. building, operating and servicing photovoltaic farms in Poland.

To make an initial decision, we provide you with a brief summary from the Company, investment conditions, and profits and guarantees.

With an invested amount of up to 500 thousand PLN:

  • 24 or 36-month agreement

  • Interest rate (dividend) 7% per annum

  • Collateral &777 on the Company

With an amount above 500 thousand PLN:

  • Contract for 24 or 36 months

  • Interest rate of 7% per annum, but additionally a share in the profits of the farm of 2% for every 500 thousands PLN invested (e.g. in the case of an investment of 1 million PLN, the client’s share will be 4%, and so on)

  • Once the invested capital is returned (end of contract), a share of the farm’s profits remains until the farm is disposed of or sold

  • Collateral &777 on the Company and security of registered pledges on the farm.

​With an invested amount of, and above, 1 million. euro:

  • A partnership company is established with the client, which will be the owner of the farm

  • Shares in the company are agreed between the client and the Company, e.g. 70%x30%

  • The client covers the entire cost of construction by transferring funds in tranches for the purchase of materials and the construction of the farm

  • The construction of the farm is carried out by the Company

  • Sharing profits with the client – according to fixed shares

​The farms are built with the best materials, double-sided, single-axis panels, following the sun, which greatly increases efficiency. Snow sensors. The panels rotate until the snow falls. The guaranteed service life of the farm is 30 years.

A little bit about profits...

  • A 1mW farm produces about 1500 mWh per year

  • The company cooperates only with state-owned power companies, which is important

  • The company sets a fixed price for 2-3 years in the contract with the plants

  • Now the price is at the level of 630 PLN / mWh

  • The construction of the farm takes about 3 weeks, but the order and delivery of materials take nearly 6 months

  • The cost of the movable structure and double-sided panels for 1MW is about 5 million PLN

  • Annual profits of about 1 million PLN

  • The farm pays for itself in about 5 years

The details will be provided by the Company’s investment advisor, so please contact us to arrange a meeting or teleconference. If needed, we will help you with translation (EN, PL, UA, RU).

Download the brochure
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