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Business Continuity Training Programs. Begin your education today!

You can find a catalogue of available BC Training courses on their site and you can enroll there. You can also find list of BC Training courses that VitalINtelliSERV can run, on the We Offer page of our site.

BC Training, as a Licensed Partner of the BCI, offers multiple courses in the area of Resilience, among them, very popular CBCI course that is based on the Good Practice Guidelines, developed by the BCI, and introduces 6 professional practices in Business Continuity Management.

For our Clients, we can run selected BC Training courses, in agreed delivery date and location, delivery mode and scope, to meet individual Client’s requirements.

BC Training mainly delivers courses in the UK. We organize training events in Eastern EU and CIS that you can enroll to. Currently in-classroom courses are limited due to Covid-19 situation.

And, working with us, you can have the following training delivery modes:

On-line course with tutor. This course is run by the tutor, on-line, and has fixed delivery schedule and duration.

In-classroom course with tutor. Same as model above, delivered by the tutor, but in person and in the classroom at specified location.

Private Training Event. If you are a group of 5 or more people and need a course to be run on-line or in classroom, but only for your Team or your Organization, at your preferred dates, this can be all organized by our company, please just contact us.

Private schedule course. Similar to private event, if you are group of 5 and more people, and prefer to study by your pre-defined schedule, e.g. few hour a day in the early-mornings or evenings or few hours a day on the weekend, on-line (the only mode), – this can also be organized, please contact us.

Non-standard schedule course. Similar to private schedule, course is delivered in smaller segments, in just few hours a day and/or on the weekend, but at pre-defined, fixed by the tutor times.

Information about BC Training courses, scheduled and run by VitalINtelliSERV company, will be published in our Blog, or can be provided by contacting us.

At the end of each course, for all delivery models, you can pass certification exam, which is paid additionally.

If you pass CBCI exam, you will be granted with AMBCI membership grade in the BCI, Business Continuity Institute, with access to their broad and very valuable knowledge resource base. Highly recommended by us!

You can read about BCI membership benefits on their site

Please, contact us with all your questions, requirements and problems to be solved – we will always find a solution for you!

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