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PECB ISO Training and Certification: Your Professional Development

You can find a catalogue of available PECB training programs here. There are multiple layers of education and certification for ISO standards: from Foundation – to the Advanced level. All information can be found on PECB site, or please contact us for assistance.

To enroll to any of the courses, you need to create an account at PECB or contact us to help you. You can find all scheduled course events at PECB site, here.

We encourage to book your course with us, since we have flexible pricing and delivery models and can meet your expectations! To enroll your course with us, please find VitalINtelliSERV company in PECB events catalogue here and all our events will be seen there. Then please contact us to discuss details, delivery model, price, discounts.

If you miss any course event (e.g. you are looking for a training for a specific ISO standard that do not see listed in our events calendar), we can create that event it on your request and offer you any specific ISO standards course you need. As a reseller, we can offer courses for any ISO standards, mentioned on PECB site on the education page. All to be discussed. Just contact us!

Once you decide which ISO standard you want to learn and get your knowledge PECB certified, you have several delivery models to select:

- Self - study course. Once bought, the course content will be either printed and sent to you, or mailed, or you will be provided access to PECB E-Learning platform (most recommended), where you can proceed self-education, from any of your devices: tablet, smartphone, computer. You have wide timeframe to study.

- Self-study course with instructor. Works exactly the same way as a model above, just that you also have pre-paid consultancy with instructor. Quantity of consultancy hours depends on what kind of course you select. All is in the course description. You can contact instructor with questions that you want to clarify.

NOTE! Self-study course events are not seen on the PECB calendar, they are individually created for interested clients, upon reached agreements, between the Client and Reseller. Therefore, please contact us to schedule your elf-study course.

- On-line course with tutor. This mode of course delivery is a subject for tutor’s availability and dates. This course is run by the tutor, on-line, and has fixed delivery schedule and duration.

- In-classroom course with tutor. Same as model above, delivered by the tutor, but in person and in the classroom. The country, city and venue are in the course description, or please contact us to further discuss.

- Private Training Event. If you are a group of 5 or more people and need a course to be run on-line or in classroom, but only for your Team or your Organization, at your preferred dates, this can be all organized by our company, please just contact us.

- Private schedule course. Similar to private event, if you are group of 5 and more people, and prefer to study by your pre-defined schedule, e.g. few hour a day in the early-mornings or evenings or few hours a day on the weekend, on-line (the only mode), – this can also be organized, please call us. Currently, such mode is mainly applicable for ISO 22301, 27001 and 31000 courses, up to the Lead Manager level. For other ISO standards and delivery levels – subject to tutor’s availability. All to be discussed. Contact us.

- Non-standard schedule course. Similar to private schedule, course is delivered in smaller segments, in just few hours a day and/or on the weekend, but at pre-defined, fixed by the tutor times. Currently, such mode is mainly applicable for ISO 22301, 27001 and 31000 up to the Lead Manager level. This delivery mode will allow you combine your work and education. See the calendar of PECB training events with VitalINtelliSERV on PECB site to enroll to the one that suits your agenda.

At the end of each course, for all delivery models, you can pass PECB certification exam, which is in the course price. Once passed, PECB will issue your certificate of the achieved level for the ISO standard that you have passed exam for.

Please, note, this education and certification is for the individuals. If your Organization is looking to certify any of its management systems (e.g. quality management or risk / business continuity management or EHS management or any other management system) to ISO standards, please contact us and we will guide you through process to engage with PECB and to proceed with certification audit.

Also, please note that in-classroom events currently are very limited due to Covid-19 situation.

Primary languages for PECB training programs are English and French. Tough, courses are also available in other languages.

For on-line or in classroom model, other languages are subject for the selected course, materials and tutor availability.

Our own tutors are PECB certified and speak English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. They can support you in these languages. If, e.g., your English is in the learning and improvement phase, and you enroll to self-study course with instructor in English, then you can be assisted by our tutors in the languages just mentioned.

Please, contact us with all your questions, requirements and problems to be solved – we will always find a solution for you!

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